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Creating video records

To create a recording with the possibility to watch it later, download and share it, you can use 2 methods:

  1. Recording on demand. This method permits to start and stop the recording manually at any time.
  2. Recording according to the schedule. In this case, the start time and end time of the recording is specified in the schedule in advance. The recording is performed in cyclic form, in other words, when the allocated disk space is completely filled, the automatic replacement of older video files with new ones will be performed. To provide the storage of records, you should first calculate the required resource of disk space.

Consider in more detail creation of videos:

  • Recording on demand

To start recording, click once on button “REC” of the selected camera (Fig. 3.16)

Fig. 3.16

  During recording, the indicator “REC”  should flash in red, which allows you to determine whether the recording is on.

To stop recording, you need to click once again the button  “REC”. The maximum duration of recording on demand is one hour. If you need a longer recording, please use the recording according to the schedule.

  • Recording according to the schedule

To perform recording according to the schedule you should click the sign “Change camera settings”  (Fig. 3.16) and select the “Schedule” tab (Fig. 3.17).

Fig. 3.17


In the opened window set the schedule for recording video files by clicking the required cells. In lines choose the days of the week, and in columns – the time of the day. To save your selection, click “Save”.

It is possible to select two pre-set video recording schedules:

  • The recording is carried out 24 hours a day, only on working days. To choose this schedule you should click the button “Highlight working days”, then the “Save” button. 
  • The recording is carried out 24 hours a day, only on weekends. To choose this schedule you should click the button “Highlight the weekend”, then the “Save” button. 



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