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Video surveillance of children

For caring parents, our company offers a simple, convenient and affordable service for video surveillance of children at any age.

Our benefits:

  • Video surveillance of children iViport does not require a significant investment in expensive video equipment;
  • Turnkey video surveillance kits do not need expensive installation and configuration;
  • We use cameras with high quality video, sound and great additional functionality;
  • iViport service is available for any modern gadget with Internet access.
For children of pre-school age
Babies: With iViport service, you can see a baby cot from any place, whenever you are at the moment. The capabilities of our service greatly exceed the functionality of a regular video or radio nanny.
Kindergarten: Your child went to the kindergarten. The video surveillance camera installed in the kindergarten will show how the children play and communicate in the group, what they are learning and how they make their first friends.
Preschoolers: You decided that it is time to go to work and your baby stays with the nanny. Connect to the iViport cloud surveillance service and make sure that you have chosen an excellent nanny who, in your absence, is fully devoted to your children.
For school-age children

Time is flying quickly, and now your children already go to school. Do not worry that they forgot to eat or did their home assignment.

iViport service installed in your apartment or house will keep you up to date with the situation, even if you are late at work, or went on a business trip.

By connecting to the iViport service, you will be able to:

Watch live video from your cameras from anywhere in the world, in any place convenient for you


Record and store high-quality video (if necessary, with sound) in a secure cloud storage with easy and fast access to it


View the archive of videos without buying additional software and hardware

Select your package

Connect to the cloud surveillance service iViport and be calm for your children!

Ready-made solution

Cloud video surveillance for online monitoring of the growth and education of children.

The company “VI-PORT” is pleased to provide you with a ready-made solution for pre-school educational institutions for the control and safety of your children.

Installation of video surveillance and connection to the IVIPORT service in a pre-school educational institution will help you solve a number of issues:

  • to provide parents with access to online broadcasting of cameras and archives of video recordings;
  • to carry out online broadcasting of classes, concerts, competitions;
  • view the record of who led and took the children from the garden;
  • have a video of confirmation or refutation of all conflicts and disputed events.

Cloud video surveillance is a convenient, effective and popular technology that significantly simplifies and reduces the cost of monitoring the education and growth of a child in a pre-school institution.

A ready solution for the control and safety of your children on the example of the PRESCHOOL LINGUISTIC ACADEMY OF MONCHERI.

Number of cameras: 4 pcs. (HD resolution)

Depth of the “cloud” archive: 7 days

The cost of equipment: 11100 UAH. (one-time)

Monthly use of the service: 496 UAH. (for 4 cameras)

This tariff includes:

  • Possibility to give access to all cameras for 3 users without payment (each additional user is 20 UAH / month).
  • The buffer of the last 50 notifications with still pictures and writing the file to the archive.
  • 24-hour online viewing of their cameras and cameras provided for viewing by other users.
  • Convenient notifications filter: by camera, date, time, new and viewed.

 Technical requirements for stable data transfer to the cloud service:

The bandwidth of the Internet channel to provide video traffic from 4 cameras in a quality format (HD) should be approximately 4-6 Mb (Internet traffic is used in Ukraine).

The equipment supplied by our company is preconfigured to work with the “cloud”.

Functional capabilities of the system administrator:

Camera Management

  • the camera administrator sees all the cameras;
  • manages the balance;
  • can download the archive;
  • adds / removes groups and users;
  • changes the recording schedule;
  • adjusts the schedule and user access rights;
  • receives notifications from cameras on motion;
  • generates temporary links and broadcasts

User management

  • the administrator can create groups with different access rights;
  • adds registered users (parents) to the group;
  • excludes a user from the group.

Functional capabilities of the user of the system:

  • parents see two cameras – a game room of their group and a playground outside;
  • can increase the video when viewed;
  • view the archive of the record without the right to download;
  • view broadcasts from other cameras: classroom, dining room, gymnasium (at a time when access is granted).

The introduction of the IVIPORT cloud-based video surveillance service raises the level of safety and trust of parents to the pre-school educational institution.

Payment Methods: