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Notifications management

If your camera has an option of sending notifications when a specific event occurs (For example, a motion sensor goes off), you can configure the camera so that you will receive notifications not only to your e-mail, but also in your personal account.

The system stores up to 100 notifications from your cameras. If their number exceeds 100 notifications, the new notifications will be recorded over the old ones in cyclical order.

Notifications Configure

For a start, two important points:

  1. Must be available http-port camcorder
  2. All settings need to be made from the computer.

We have implemented pseudo mode of motion recording. Those. Recording is always, but only the sections (files) where there was movement are saved. Therefore, you need to enable scheduled recording (Fig. 4.1).

Fig. 4.1

Next, you need to configure:
– go to the “Notifications” tab in the camera settings (Fig. 4.2).

Fig. 4.2

– activate the checkbox “Enable notifications“. If you want to save only files with events, then you need to check the “Delete event video last” item (Fig. 4.2).

For example, take the Dahua camcorder.

Using the browser, you need to go to the web interface of the camera control, the SMTP mail settings (Fig. 4.3)

Fig. 4.3

In the field “Recipient of mail” enter any mailing address and save.

Next, in the personal account of the iViport service:

  • in the “My Cameras” go to the camera settings
  • open the “Notifications” tab
  • Click “Sending Settings” (Fig. 4.4)

Fig. 4.4

  • Click “OK” to save the settings on the camcorder (the 80 port of the camcorder must be available – http port)
  • click “motion detector” and set up the required zone (Fig. 4.5)

Fig. 4.5

After that, for testing, you can return to the web-based camera control interface, to the SMTP mail settings and click the “Test” button (Fig. 4.6)

Fig. 4.6

If everything is set up correctly, it should pass the test, and in the office in the “Notifications” section, a blank notification should appear, without an image (Fig. 4.7 – first entry from above, without image).


Fig. 4.7

If you have any questions in the process of setting notifications, you can contact our customer support service.

View the list of notification

To view the received notifications, while you are in the Cabinet, from the left menu, select “Notifications” (Fig. 4.8).

Fig. 4.8

The page that opens displays all notifications received from the cameras. If necessary, the list of notifications can be filtered by a period of time (receiving a notification) and by cameras (from which they are received).

The notification list is divided into two parts:

    • Notifications received from your cameras 
    • Notifications received from the cameras the access to which has been provided to you by other users of the service (Fig. 4.9).



Fig. 4.9

View a selected notification

To view a specific notification, click “View” in the notification line. If no alarms were triggered for the camera when sensors triggered, the notification viewing window will contain a photo (Fig. 4.10). In addition to the photo, the camera name and the date of receipt of the notification will also be displayed.

(Fig. 4.10)

If notifications for sensor triggering have been configured for the camera, the notification viewing window (Fig. 4.11) will contain the following information:

  • the camera name;
  • the date of receipt of the notification;
  • three pictures, made by the camera with 2 seconds delay (the delay is adjusted on the camera);
  • video record of a past event starting from the moment 10 seconds before the operation.


Fig. 4.11

By clicking the photo you can expand it to full screen. You can also view full-screen video. Without leaving the notification window, you can view the next (or previous) notification using the arrow buttons.

Deleting notifications

If you want to delete all notifications, click the button “Delete all notifications” (Fig. 4.12).

To delete selected notifications mark the notifications you do not need and click “Delete selected”.


Fig. 4.12

Deleting notifications is only possible from your cameras.

Deleting notifications from the cameras the access to which has been provided to you by other users is IMPOSSIBLE.

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