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Balance management

To manage your balance in the system, go from your Personal Cabinet to the section “My balance” (Fig. 5.1).

Fig. 1

In the section “My balance” you can:

  • Get the information about the current connection package;
  • Get the information about the current state of the account;
  • Replenish the balance;
  • Find out detailed information about other connection packages;
  • Connect to another package;
  • Add kit;
  • Connect additional services;
  • Export transactions (account replenishment and withdrawal from the account – to pay for services).

Plug additional services

In the “My balance” section in the “Additional services” tab, you can activate services for a more complete and comfortable use of the iViport service. To do this, in the line of the required service, turn the switch to the “ON” state (Fig.5.2).

Fig. 5.2

When a service is activated, the cost of additional services is automatically recalculated (displayed in the “For additional services” line) and the total amount, taking into account the payment for the current package (the “Total” line, Fig.5.3).
To confirm the changes made, click the “Save” button on the same tab (Fig.5.3).

Fig. 5.3

Transaction Export

In the “My balance” section of the “Transactions” tab, you can export transactions. If necessary, pre-filter transactions by transaction type and service type. To do this, select the required values ​​in the “Type” and “Service” fields and click the “Filter” button (Fig. 5.4).

To export transactions, first click the export button  (Fig. 5.4), then, in the list that opens, select the appropriate data format and click “Ok“.

Fig. 5.4

Payment Methods: