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Step-by-step instructions for recharge

Step by step instructions from entering the service to recharge:

  1. To enter the cloud service, registered users need to enter the site:
  2. Press the button “LOG IN”

  3. Enter your email address
  4. Password
  5. Press the button “LOG IN”

    If you registered through the Facebook or Google buttons, you can enter by pressing one of the buttons.

  6. Click the Personal Cabinet button.

  7. In the “My Account” click “My balance”

  8. Click “Edit Package”

  9. Click “Go”

  10. Click “Pay”

  11. Select Payment system and specify the amount of payment.
  12. Fill in the data of the card with which you pay
  13. Card validity date
  14. CVV code (indicated on the back of the card))

  15. Click the “Pay” button and confirm the payment after receiving the code from the payment system to your phone.

    Wait until the transaction passes and you will receive a payment confirmation.
    After that, your balance will be replenished in the Personal Account.
    You can check your payments and debits in the section “My balance” in the subsection “Transactions”

Payment Methods: