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Shared access to camera

Granting other users access to your camera

You can provide other authorized users access to your cameras to view them in real-time mode. To do this, go in the settings window of the camera to the tab “Give access”. A form opens to provide access to the selected camera (Fig. 3.10):

Fig. 3.10

In the field “Add user”  enter the e-mail of a user registered at the site. When the first four characters are entered a list of users will show whose names match the typed combination. From this list, you can select the required user.

After entering the Email, click the “Add User” button. The new user will appear in the table.

To give access to the selected user, click the “Save” button (Fig. 3.10).

You can provide a specific access level to each user.

Possible levels of access to your cameras can be set in the drop-down menu (Fig. 3.11):

Fig. 3.11

  • “Online” allows the selected user to view your camera in real-time mode;
  • “Archive” allows the selected user to view the videos from the camera;
  • “Notices” allows the selected user to view the notifications from the camera;
  • “Archive Download” allows the selected user to download videos from the archive.

In the future, the granted access to the camera can be controlled: change the access schedule (the “Schedule” button), the activity time (the “active until” button), and you can also revoke the access (the “delete” button) (Fig. 3.10).

Generate a temporary link to view the video in the browser

In addition to providing access to cameras, in the Service interface, you can generate a temporary link (direct URL) to view the video in the browser. To do this, on the “Give access” tab (Fig. 3.10), click the “Add temporary link button. The “Generate temporary link” form will open (Fig. 3.12).

Fig. 3.12

It is necessary to fill in the fields with the date and time of link activation, as well as the date and time of the link being turned off, after which you need to click the “Generate link” button.

As a result, you will have a temporary link (Fig. 3.13), which can be opened, copied or sent by mail.

Fig. 3.13

In the future, this link can be disabled (and then re-enabled) or removed from the Service. 

Access to other users’ cameras

If some user offers you access to his/her camera, in this case while entering the site at the top of your profile window you will see a message about it.

In the circle of the interface element  will not be 0, but 1 (or another number corresponding to the number of cameras). Clicking this icon will open a form with a list of new available cameras (Fig. 3.14).

You can either accept or reject this offer. To do this, click on the “accept” or “reject” link respectively.


Fig. 3.14

If you accept the offer, the camera will appear in the list “Cameras shared with me”. If you reject the offer, there will be a corresponding entry in the section “Rejected cameras” (Fig. 3.15).


Fig. 3.15

You can add the rejected cameras. To do this, in the “Rejected cameras” section (Fig. 3.15), select the camera and click on the “accept” link. After that, the camera will appear in the list of “Available to me cameras.”


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