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Setting Port Forwarding on routers TP-link series TL-WRxxx

Using a Web-browser go to the router interface entering the IP address of the router in the address field (the default IP address is Enter your user name and password. From the menu, select the item “Forwarding” (see Fig.1).


From the submenu, select the item “Virtual Servers” and press the button “Add New …” (see Fig.2).


Fill in the necessary parameters related to the created virtual server (see Fig.3). For example:

  • The field “Service Port” we enter the port number on which the server will query the camera video stream: 8554;
  • The field “Internal Port” we enter the port number that is configured on the camera: 554;
  • The field “IP address” is entered the IP address of your camera in the local network;
  • The field “Protocol”, select from menu “All”;
  • The field “Status” choose from the menu “Enable” .

Do not forget to save your changes by clicking “Save” button.


So the setting of the “Virtual Server” on the router is complete.

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