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Manual camera adding

Log in to your account.

To add a camera, click on the “Add camera” link in the top menu (Fig. 3.1).

Fig. 3.1

A page will open for entering the camera parameters (Fig. 3.2).

The fields of the section “Connection Settings” are mandatory.

Fig. 3.2

  • If the IP address is known, enter the address of the camera in the field “IP of the camera (external)” (Fig. 3.2).
  • If the IP address is not known, click on button “Define IP” and the option “IP of the camera (external)” will be filled automatically. The Button “Define IP” must be used when you are on the same local network with the camera you connect.
  • If the domain name is used as the connection parameter, then move the Ip/DNS switch to the “DNS address” state (Fig. 3.3).

Fig. 3.3

  • Select camera manufacturer in the field “Manufacturer” from the list.
  • Select the camera model in the field  “Model” from the list.
  • Specify the domain name in the field “DNS of Camera”  (Fig. 3.3) . You can check availability of the domain name. To do this, press the button “Test DNS” (i.3, Fig. 4). If the name is correct, then in the field “IP of the camera (external)” will appear the address, or otherwise an error message will be displayed.
  • Select RTSP/TCP or RTSP/UDP in the field “Protocol”. The protocol must match the protocol that is configured on the camera itself .
  • Specify the port number on which the camera will transmit the RTSP stream (the default for most cameras is port 554) in “Streaming port”.
  • Specify the port number in the field “Config Port” to access the camera. It must match the port configured on the camera. The default is port 80.
  • Enter the username in the field “Login for camera” to access the camera. It must match the name of the user configured on the camera.
  • Enter the user’s password in the field “Password for the camera”. It must match the password specified on the camera.
  • Specify the location of the camera in the field “Location”. This field is informational and allows to identify the camera when one place has multiple cameras installed.
  • Fill in the field “Name of camera”. It will be used to create, search and view videos. The name specified in this field does not necessarily have to match the name specified on the camera when it is set up, but we recommend that you use the same name to avoid confusion in the future.
  • You must specify the duration of the video in seconds in the field “Single file recording time (120-1800 sec.)” . During recording, the video is automatically split into equal files of specified length.
  • Audio” switch (on/off sound in video) by default is set to “OFF” – the video will be made without sound. If sound is needed, set this switch to “ON“. Important! Not all cameras support this feature.
  • The “Quality” switch (video quality) is by default set to “mainstream” — the transfer of the video stream with the maximum resolution. To transfer the video stream with a minimum resolution, set the switch to the “substream” position.  Important! Not all cameras support this feature.
  • Click “Add camera” after filling out and select of all the options (Fig. 3.3).

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