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New options of VI-PORT service


Updating the service provides new opportunities:

  1. FOSCAM Camcorders operate fully with the notification and recording of motion detection.
  2. There is realized in player :
    • stop and start playback by “Space” button;
    • frame advance (with arrow keys);
    • navigation through files that contain events;
    • navigation through events (with arrow keys);
    • snapshot of the selected frame.
  3. In user profile:
    • choice of type of video player (RTMP / HLS).
  4. Ordering of video cameras:
    • the possibility of placing of video cameras in the correct order, by simple drag and drop by “mouse” (drag and drop).
  5. Dropping a specific flow stream from the camera (if it hangs or other issues).
  6. Dropping a specific video player (in case of a problem).
  7. Displays camera status in the viewport of video cameras.
  8. Providing access to online viewing, archive, notifications to other users on a schedule.

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