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Video surveillance for business

The system of cloud video surveillance for business iViport, developed by our company provides to owners and managers of businesses:

  • control over business processes in the company
  • control over the quality of work and discipline of employees
  • security control of premises
  • control of the safety of goods and products.

Cloud video surveillance for business from iViport is a disruptive technology, which combines:

Platform mobility

iViport has developed a video surveillance system via the Internet, designed for use in all modern devices – desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The service works with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. There are mobile versions for Android and iOS.

With a modern device and having Internet access, the system will provide the owner with mobility in recording and viewing video information.

Secure access

The iViport cloud service uses secure modern data transfer protocols. This allows you to organize secure access to video streams and video archives.
It is possible to provide access to both individual users and groups of users.
You can organize groups of users and prioritize various rights to view, record, manage cameras and video archives.

Efficiency of use

Being an innovative technology, video surveillance through the cloud enables business owners and managers to save time and money:

  • Savings on the search and selection of compatible video equipment. We will provide turnkey scalable solutions.
  • Saving on equipment. Cloud video surveillance iViport does not require the customer to purchase data storage equipment, what significantly reduces the budgets for installing video surveillance systems in companies.
  • Saving on installation. The installation of video surveillance systems iViport does not require expensive installation.
  • Savings on maintenance. Replacement by software of some of the processes that earlier required human participation; the acquisition of less equipment that requires less maintenance by staff; and the implementation by staff of our company and its software a part of the functionality, which in previous technologies was performed by the staff of a customer, leads to a significant reduction in maintenance costs of video surveillance systems by IT employees of companies.

The highest quality of modern video equipment

Cutting-edge video cameras, providing the broadcasting and storage of video in HD and FullHD resolutions, with sound stream, are used in iViport video surveillance systems. You can use the following functions:

Record video on demand, on schedule, or twenty-four-hour recording
Motion detection
Notifications about events in Your Account or by e-mail
Other advanced functionality

Reliability of cloud storage systems

You can view video archives at any time, from any convenient place
Even if the video equipment is damaged, your archives remain safe
The video surveillance system iViport stores the video in a secured cloud
Simplicity of deployment and use of video surveillance system

Video monitoring iViport is distinguished by its simplicity in deployment due to the use of pre-programmed equipment sets.

The simplicity of using the service is especially valuable for managers and business owners. All the cameras are integrated into one system, regardless of the number of cameras being connected and their location on various objects. Viewing and monitoring cameras has a single, intuitive interface.

Scalability of the system and flexibility of its management

iViport can connect and merge into a single system any number of cameras you need.

You can set up flexible access rights management of different cameras and their groups.

Support for a wide range of video camera manufacturers

We are interested in high-quality services for customers for a fair fee, and not in promoting sales of individual brands. Therefore, our services can be used for a wide selection of cameras.

Qualified staff will help you to connect and configure the equipment.

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