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iViport service

provides service of IP video surveillance via cloud on the Internet


Its benefits and advantages:

  • Simple connection (registration) of IP video cameras.
  • Connection of a large number of video cameras.
  • Connection of turnkey video sets (router/video camera) without any additional work in settings from a user.
  • Access to video cameras from any point in the world where the Internet is available.
  • Viewing online one or several video cameras at the same time by unlimited number of users (upon providing access).
  • Record on demand.
  • Record according to the schedule.
  • Flexible management of videos (maintaining video archive).
  • Management of record interval duration (duration of one file of record). It is set by the user of 120 sec. to 1800 sec. (2 min – 30 min).
  • The special online window of viewing video cameras with a possibility of the choice for viewing of separate video cameras.
  • Convenient video player for viewing archive, with functions of differentiation of types of records, zoomings, ability to download the chosen video fragment, adjustment of speed of reproduction, etc.
  • Viewing function of only fragments with “events”. In archive it is possible to look through only those fragments on which there were “events” detected by the detector of movement.
  • Reception of notices with photos from video cameras and binding of such notices to a video archive.
  • Reception of notices only with photos, without record of video stream.
  • Provision of access:
    • to viewing of video cameras online to other users or groups of users
    • to video archive to certain users or groups of users
    • to notifications to certain users or groups of users
    • to any combination of online viewing, video archive, notices
    • to video cameras, archive and/or notices according to the schedule.
  • Formation of direct temporary internet (with the indication of time of activity) links to video cameras.
  • Flexible management of groups of users.
  • Viewing of video cameras and archival records from any device (computer/tablet/smartphone).
  • Setting video cameras with encrypted connection to viewing devices.
  • Access to video cameras via internet directly from personal account.
  • Notification settings directly from personal account without the need for direct access to video cameras.
  • Indication of zones of operation for the detector of the movement or the detector of invasion of a video camera directly from personal account.
  • Notification of new “events” (detector of movement/invasion) to e-mail of the user, notice push to the smartphone and/or by SMS.
  • Binding and display of video cameras on the geographical map with a possibility of direct viewing.
  • Checking of availability of video cameras, in the mode of record and display of current state (online/offline/not-checked).
  • Display of the state of recording and type of record (according to the schedule/on demand).
  • Grouping of video cameras (according to objects, locations, preferences etc.).
  • You need only Web browser for viewing and management of video cameras.



  • Video cameras are available only from our protected cloud and not from any other place on the Internet.
  • Possibility to use encrypted communication channels, as well as for transfer of video streams (IPSec).
  • Storage of video archive in cloud storage. The video archive remains safe, even in case of failure or theft of video equipment from the place of video recording.
  • Separate storage of photos of “events”. Photos of events will be available, even, if for any reasons, if video imagines have not been received.
  • Direct access to the Web interface of a video camera directly from personal account, even if the video camera is not available from the Internet.
  • Only one active login in a personal account is allowed. In an attempt to enter a private personal account under the same login from another workplace the initial account will automatically terminate its session. Thus, the user will always know whether someone else has got access to his/her private personal account and will be able to take necessary measures.
  • Protected viewing of video cameras. For viewing of video cameras, both by the owner and by those to whom access has been provided, a special protected link is formed that excludesviewing of video cameras by third parties directly from the server.


Providing access:

The system allows:

  • To provide/limit access to certain users.
  • To provide/limit access to groups of users.
  • To provide access to online viewing of separate video cameras by formation of temporary internet links.


There are the following types of accesses, which can be provided to users or groups of users:

  • Access to online viewing:
    • separate video cameras
    • separate video cameras according to the schedule
    • for the specified time period
    • according to the schedule for the specified time period.
  • Access to archive:
    • separate video cameras
    • according to the schedule
    • for the specified time period
    • according to the schedule for the specified time period.
  • Access to notices:
    • on separate video cameras (determination of the movementby the detector)
    • according to the schedule
    • according to the schedule for the specified time period.
  • Any combination from the specified above access variants.
  • Creation of temporary Weblinks for online viewing, with the indication of time duration of the link, with the subsequent providing of such link to any third party who is not registered in system.



  • Simplicity of connection and installation. Does not require installation of a large number of parameters. Installation and connection can be done by, practically, any user.
  • One private personal account for all video cameras, regardless of their location (they can be located in one apartment or house or be in different houses/cities/countries).
  • There is no need for installation of additional software for viewing and controlling of video cameras. Internet browser is enough to get the job done.
  • Monitoring of video cameras and records is not bound to the place of camera and equipment installation. Viewing is possible from anywhere in the world, where there is an Internet access with sufficient bandwidth.
  • Possibility of viewing from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) which has to be connected to the Internet and have an installed Internet browser.
  • Notification set up (detector of movement, invasion detector) directly from the personal account, without a need for direct physical access to video cameras.
  • Set up of movement detection zones or invasion zones directly from a personal account via internet.
  • Addition of new functionality without any changes in the software or the client’s personal account set up.



  • Maintaining of video archive.
  • Capacity of archive is set up by the user, in accordance with his/her preferences.
  • Separate storage capacity of archive on each video camera.
  • Possibility of storage of only records with notices in archive (that contain videos with movement detection).
  • Possibility of setting up the number of days of archive storage (set up by the user, in accordance with his/her preferences).
  • Display of archive records for the selected date.
  • Functional video player:
    • Fast forward playing
    • Slowed-down playing
    • Stop by the key “Space”
    • Shot by shot playing with a reverse option
    • Photo fixing of a necessary shot
    • Saving of the chosen intervals to the local computer
    • Deletion of the chosen interval
    • Transition to the beginning/end of the chosen interval of records
    • TimeLine with a zoom
    • Display of recorded intervals with various types of records and events on the TimeLine of a video player
    • Display of intervals with “events” of motion detection
    • Function of playing only intervals with “events” of motion detection
    • Digital zoom
    • Access to files of a video archive (without video player).



  • Receiving of notices of events.
  • Receiving of notices with a photos.
  • “Binding” of the received notices to video intervals.
  • Video play of the interval with notice during review of the notice.
  • Receiving of notices without video stream. There is an possibility to store notices with photos only.
  • Review of notices for the specified time interval (period).
  • Review of numbers of received notices for the specified period in the form of graphs.



  • Efficiency in internet use. Regardless of the number of users who are reviewing online video simultaneously, only one video stream is broadcasted from the video camera itself.
  • Placement of video cameras on the map with a possibility of direct reviewing from it.
  • Creation of groups of interests for more flexible and efficient access to video to resources.
  • Creation of categories for a group of selected video cameras with a possibility of granting access only for the chosen categories.
  • Sending of notices with new “events” (detection of movement/invasion) to e-mail of the user and/or by SMS.
  • Creation of temporary web links for online broadcast of video cameras with the indication of active time of existence of such a link. The created links can be sent to any person, thus providing him/her with temporary access to online viewing of the video cameras. Also, such links can be build in into the websites for setting up of video broadcastings.
  • Choice of the type of player (RTMP/HLS).
  • Choice of design of the personal account (dark/light).
  • Sorting (change of the arrangement) of video cameras in the personal account.
  • Flexible management of the set and number of services used: there are no fixed packages. The user himself/herself chooses necessary services and their quantity.


Perspective functionality:

Payment Methods: